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Wealthy Affiliate Success

Welcome to my site where you can read “can I make money online” and what is success online!

I know you are interested in knowing if the people who joined Wealthy Affiliate have achieved success.

You will find below 5 stories of successful entrepreneurs who prove you can have success on the web with Wealthy Affiliate.

You have to believe that this is what will bring you your independence and what will allow you to get rid of your 9 to 5 work outside the house.

Wealthy Affiliate Littlemama

Grace joined Wealthy Affiliate in September 2016, she has reached Super Affiliate status on August 2018 within the Wealthy Affiliate community.

She is married and has two daughters and lives in the United States. She is still learning today on this platform and counting on the help of the community, top experts, and the owners to reach her goals.

She was very serious with the idea of having her own business online and wanted to make some real steady income to financially contribute to the wellness of her family.

You can’t find this kind of support with any other organization. She reviewed hundreds of programs to meet her goal of being invited to Las Vegas all expenses paid by Wealthy Affiliate.

She feels at the right place and that she is finally learning what she had to learn to succeed without being sucked in some online scams.

Read her latest post: $100+ Affiliate Commissions All Day Long!


Wealthy Affiliate Signup

Wealthy Affiliate Florence Ki

Florence joined Wealthy Affiliate in December 2014. She qualifies herself as a person who feeds on knowledge.

She is a risk-taker who has left her high paying c-level job for the online affiliated world.

She firmly believes that you must make sacrifices to achieve success as a single mother and mother of a teenager.

After quitting her job she rejected multiple offers to work for c-level companies.

She chooses Affiliate Marketing as one of her retirement plans without the possibility of going back.


This is why she never hesitated to invest the hours necessary to make it work.

If you are struggling her only advice is to never quit and continue moving forward.

You never know when success will happen and sometimes it is just a few efforts away, just seconds before you give-up.

Read her latest post:

WA Helps Me Make 5 Figure Income in 2019!

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Wealthy Affiliate Roope Kiuttu

Roope Kiuttu is Finnish and joined Wealthy Affiliate in July 2015.

This is what he has to say:

“I am thankful for Wealthy Affiliate and all members who have helped me to build an online business. Now I can also “payback” and help others”.

He firmly believes that living a life that you enjoy is much better than settling for mediocrity.

He recommends living fully rather than holding back and 20 years later having regrets for not acting sooner.

Those where the questions he asked himself:

1- Are these people real?

2- Can I really make a living online as they teach?

3- Will the training work?

Even if he didn’t see results instantly he didn’t quit and he finally made it. He kept sowing and finally reap a big harvest.

He thanks Wealthy Affiliate as well as all the members who have enabled him to build an online business.

He can now payback and help others!

Read his latest post:

1 Year as a WA Ambassador! 😉

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Wealthy Affiliate Boomer

Robert Prescott (Boomer) joined Wealthy Affiliate in August 2013.

He spends most of his professional career in the video game industry.

He has been a Quality Assurance and a Customer Service/Tech Support Manager and a Video Game Producer/Designer.

He was looking for a new career path and making money online is fun and rewarding if you work hard at it.

He joined because he wanted to learn how to build a website without having someone else doing it for him.

He now has several published blog posts and he likes helping many of the members here at Wealthy Affiliate.

He strongly suggests that you register as a Premium member. You will not find a better school to build your website at that price.

His post:

Ways to Become Financially Stable in 2020 and Beyond

Wealthy Affiliate Boomer



Wealthy Affiliate Eddy Salomon

Eddy Salomon joined Wealthy Affiliate in June 2007.

He was in the make money industry since the early 90s but never made a full time living until 2008.

Around that time he was making more money part-time than full time in Corporate America so he decided to quit.

Since then, he has been a stay at home dad with his stay at home wife to raise their kids and enjoys life.

He proclaims that he is just a regular guy with a positive mindset with positive folks around him and more importantly he takes action.

He followed what Wealthy Affiliate teaches until he succeeds!

Eddy’s post:

My Blogs Earned Over $100k Part-Time in 2018



Wealthy Affiliate Sign Up

What about being a Premium member?

What does it give you?

Wealthy Affiliate Premium

*50 Websites

*Unlimited live support

*Personal affiliate blog

*Unlimited private messaging

*Website security package

*Website backup

*Online Entrepreneur Certification course

*Affiliate Bootcamp training course

*Live video classes

*Video walk-throughs

*Keyword Research Tool unlimited (JAAXY)

*Training Classrooms (13)

*Affiliate Program

*Unlimited 1-On-1 coaching

What is all this costing you?


Wealthy Affiliate Free Trial


When you register as a Premium member the first month costs you $ 19.
The following months are billed $ 49.
Become an annual member and pay $ 495 a savings of $ 93 and receive a free .com domain.



This was a short presentation of people who had success with the help of Wealthy Affiliate.

This success is mainly due to their work, their perseverance, their tenacity, and their desire to succeed.

No one will do the work for you! You will receive all the help you need from all Wealthy Affiliate members.

This includes the owners who are committed to seeing you succeed!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions or wish to get in touch with me leave me a message below and I will contact you as soon as possible. Thanks for reading my article.

If you are interested you will find below other articles that I wrote.

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  1. Hey Claude, good job sharing such an insightful post. Once in a while, it becomes necessary to find the success stories of those who are on the same journey as we are. This rejuvenates our will and desire to keep striving to achieve our goals.

    I personally find it helpful to review the journey of those who have gone before me to see if I can find a lesson or two that I can implement in my own business.

    This is really great. thanks for sharing

    • Thank you lyke for your comments. Like you I believe that it is very important to follow the example and the methods of those who preceded us and who are successful.

       It’s a way to measure our progress and plan for the future.

  2. Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. i started my online journey three years ago but it seemed impossible to make anything tangible because of the fake platforms out there. but when i came to wealthy affiliate, i found something real and i am impressed

    • Hello Benny and thank you for your comments. 

      I do not know your story or your situation but if I trust the number of years since you became a member of Wealthy Affiliate you will not let go tomorrow

      .I think your persistence is already paying you or it will be done very soon.

      Good luck in all your endeavors.

  3. Hello Claude. Nice to see you share this post to answer the question regarding if money can be made online. I have read several stories about people making thousands of dollars online in legitimate ways doing business. This motivated me to get involved but I didn’t seem to know where to start from. Wealthy Affiliate is a blessing in disguise and I am glad I found this awesome platform. I know these people you wrote about, they are successful in their online business. Ask many of them and they will tell you that Wealthy Affiliate taught them all they know. It’s truly amazing.


    • Hello, I have only one answer to give you and that’s what these people did!

      They never stopped believing in their success and I know that if you apply the same recipe this is what will happen to you.

      Good luck in all your actions.

  4. Yes definitely you can make money  online all you have to do is start the right way that why I recommend wealthy affiliate to people especially those going into affiliate marketing and then most importantly you have to be consistent and final this is where patience comes in because you might not start earning large figure from the first month it might even take you month to Strat earning your dream amount so patience is very important.

    • I firmly believe that you must be patient and convinced that you will ultimately succeed.

      Remember your first job when you didn’t know anything about it and a few months later you started to feel more comfortable and a few months later you got a promotion.

      If you had left this job after a week what would have happened?

      Never quit!

  5. Great post, Claude.

    I love hearing and reading about success stories. There are so many haters out there that peddle their bile on the rest of us.

    Everyone knows that successful people and their stories are everywhere, otherwise how would we live in such a beautiful world.

    I’m not trying to say that the world is a bowl of cherries, but we have so much to be grateful for that is a shame and an embarrassment to hear these miscreants all the time.

    I’m very happy to hear that your friends are doing so well. I’m sure that they’ve worked very hard to achieve their success.

    What is about the Wealthy Affiliate program that has made these people so successful?

    How important is to choose the right business niche?

    Is making money online easier than running a brick and mortar business?

    How much does it really cost to join this program?

    What are the hidden costs?


    • Paul, first of all thank you for your comments and like you I ask myself all these questions. I do not believe that anything is easy and you must be ready to work.

      I believe that the starting cost of an internet business is much lower than a street business. Now as soon as your website is active you will have to think about what you will do with it.

      Will you advertise?

      Will you pay writers?

      What tools will you need to buy?

      And several others that do not come to mind.

      One thing is for sure! If you do nothing, nothing will happen.

  6. Not only does WealthyAffiliate University offer top-notch affiliate instruction, but it also offers marketing tools worth literally thousands of dollars–serious tools, too. Not the cheap garbage that you see all over the place.

    WealthyAffiliate is an Institute of Internet Marketing where you will learn by engaging with online tools, guides, courses, and genuine people. 

  7. Times have changed how we once did business. With the invention of the internet and computers we can now make a good living from our homes. This type of business has taken the world by storm if I can use that word because of the many benefits that are involved.

    • Thank you, Norman for your comments and I think it is our role to offer Wealthy Affiliate to as many people as possible so that they can achieve financial independence to contribute to the well-being of their families and loved ones.

  8. Thank you Claude for your answer on this important question!
    Many people still think that making money online is impossible, although they spend lots of money online, which should go to another person that is making money, lol.
    I have also joined Wealthy Affiliate two years ago and I can say that it is really what affiliate marketers need because it provides all what they need in one place, no need to deal with unreliable web hosting companies, expensive keyword tools, expensive coaching programs, …etc. I recommend it for everyone who wants to learn and start with affiliate marketing the right way.
    All the best!

    • Thank you, Amjad for your comments. I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for less than a year and since I was without any experience I think it is a bit longer for me. In addition to recommending the subscription to Wealthy Affiliate to everyone we meet, I believe that one must be motivated to the maximum and never give up.
      Rain or shine we have to keep doing what we have to do.

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