Online Jobs For Stay At Home Moms (How To Find A Job That Makes You Happy)

First, let me thank you for reading my article on online jobs for stay at home moms. We are all searching for how to find a job that makes us happy.Wealthy Affiliate Business Opportunity

I will present 20 business opportunities currently on the net and some of the net to finally present you, in my opinion, the best business opportunity available.

I remind you again that you must have fun if you do something new.

It will be easier to make the transition if you like what you do and if you are passionate about it. It will only be easier.

Here is a very brief summary of the offers you can find on the web. You will need to deepen some of these offers that are presented to you if they suit you.


1- START A BLOGWealthy Affiliate Blogger

It can be very inexpensive to create your own blog on the following topics:

  • HOW-TO GUIDES                                                                                                                                                 
  • CHECKLISTS                                                                                                                                        
  • CASE STUDIES                                                                                                                                    







I could tell you dozens of blog topics but I like to limit the number of ideas and leave you free to use your imagination and imagine topics that might interest you. Do your own research on topics of interest.






Amazon Mechanical TurkAmazon’s Mechanical Turk will not make you rich but may allow you to earn a monthly income.

If you are very fast you can complete tasks faster.

Some hits may not pay much but may be easily and quickly completed.



3- INSTACARTInstacart

You make money by shopping for groceries and delivering them to the customers’ homes.

The orders come through Instacart application.

Available in the US and Canada.




4-SURVEY TAKEROnline Survey

If you like to complete online questionnaires maybe this activity would suit you and allow you to go for additional income.

Maybe the following companies might interest you.











Once again I give you some survey sites but there are many more and if the ones I propose do not suit you continue your search you will surely discover the rare pearl.





5-BECOME A HOST FOR Airbnbairbnb


Airbnb allows people to rent their house or a room from their house for a rental price.

Airbnb receives a commission from the landlord and the tenant.

The landlord is expected to provide the landlord with essentials such as soap, toilet paper, clean sheets, and so on. For more information visit the Airbnb website.



Uber is the most recognized alternative to replace conventional taxis.

Uber is not a taxi service their associated drivers can not take a passenger on the road.

To become a driver for Uber you must have the following qualifications;

1- At least 21 years old.

2-One year of driving experience.

3-Possess a clean driving record.

4-You don’t have a criminal record.

5-Your car is insured and under 15 years old.



Article Writing

Want to become a freelancer?

It’s easy with sites like Upwork to find interesting jobs.

Read 4 strategies to get hired as a freelance writer.








To start, create a Youtube channel.

Connect your Youtube channel to a site like AdSense.

Generate revenue from your videos that you uploaded to Youtube.



9-CUSTOMER SERVICECustomer Service

Customer service is the ability to help a customer solve their problems before, during, or after their purchase.

You can visit Zendesk for more information.





10-SELL YOUR BOOKSSell your books

What are you doing with your old books?

There is not enough money to become a millionaire but you could sell your old books and thus make some income but you can also give them to your friends or to the library.

You avoid that they are simply destroyed.

Check the following sites;

  • BOOKSCOUTER                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
  • HALF PRICE BOOKS                                                                                                                                                                                                                  



11-SELL ONLINESell online

Why not open e-commerce to sell what you want?

Here are some addresses that might interest you.

  • BIG COMMERCE                                                                                                                           


  • WIX                                                                                                                                                     




12-SELL YOUR ANTIQUESSell your antiques

You may have antiques at home that may have some value.

You can sell them yourself if you know the value.

Use social media or advertise them in regional newspapers.

If you need help some sites can rate your antiques.

  • JUST ANSWER                                                                                                                                              





13-RENT YOUR AUTOMOBILEAutomobile sharing

You own a car that you use a few hours a day only.

You could rent it for the time that you do not use it and thus have an income that would offer you more flexibility.

These companies could help you.

  • TURO                                                                                                                                                 





You are a food lover and you want to share your passion with everyone.

Why not create a blog that would allow you to share your recipes and discuss cooking with the people who will follow you.

You can earn income by promoting products, cooking utensils, cooking pots, or anything related to cooking.

Visit sites that can help you build a site that can earn you money.

network solutions



15-PET SITTINGPet Sitting

Maybe you like animals and you like to be outdoors?

Taking care of pets can be interesting and you can make extra income.

You can join a company like TrustedHousesitters.



focus group

An online focus group is an invaluable research tool.

Participants are filtered and qualified to participate in a focus group.

Instead of moving all these people, it is done online and you can get paid to participate in these forums.






Online Travel Agent

Would you like to become a travel agent online?

If you are interested in this job, you should contact a host agency and make sure they give you the training you need. Develop your target market, become an expert, and give your customers what you would like to receive.






You are sociable and like to investigate.

Mystery shopper could be for you.

It is a mixture of work on the road and administration made entirely via the internet.







You live in an area where parking spaces are scarce and expensive.

Why not rent your parking space during the day when you’re not there?

You can advertise your space for rent on social media or any other way


Next is my number one recommendation!


Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate offers you everything you need to succeed in creating a profitable website.

Register for free

Your name and your email That’s all!

Register here for free What you are entitled to for free!











This is free for you when you register with Wealthy Affiliate. If you like what you see and want to know more in-depth you can become a Premium Member for $ 19 dollars for a month, which gives you plenty of time to decide.

If you have any comments or suggestions please leave them below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Thank you for reading my post.


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  1. I loved your article. It is full of great ideals for stay at home moms. It would be hard to just choose one though. So my suggestion to stay at home moms, get a day planner. Thank for the great read.

    • Thank you for your comments, Lori, it would be wonderful if all the moms decided to start their own business. Many would break in and show us their talent.

  2. It is so good to know that there are jobs out there that allow you to stay and home and build a business where you can make a good income. Thanks for the informative post that will be a great help to so many,

    • Thank you, Norman for your comments. It is true that there is a lot of work on the internet for those who want to find it but if they venture on the net they must be ready to put the time it takes to succeed.

    • Thank you, Joseph, for your comments there are still many more ways to make money on the internet. We only have to look for many more, it’s very easy.

  3. Hi, I have tried Amazon Mechanical Turk and thought it was a waste of time. I suppose I only gave it a 5 minute look over, but I see many of the tasks were extremely low paying, for very boring work.

    I agree that you can make a very small amount of money for surveys. About 1.40 cents for about 15 minutes of work. These surveys are sent every week or so. (at-least for me)
    I will not work for that small amount of money, but that is just me. I am not sure if you mentioned it, but fiverr is also another way to do it.

    • Hello Jake. I totally agree with you that not all of these opportunities are very lucrative, but they can fill a temporary shortfall until you decide to start your own business and work tirelessly until success happens. Thank you for your comments.

  4. I’m glad I read your article about different jobs to do from home, you have here some good ideas to try, but what I liked most of it was that you say to be happy doing it.

    That is something so important today, finding a job to be happy, I’ll check on your #1 recommend idea to work from home, I want to learn more about affiliate marketing and I see I can sign up for free to learn about how I should start.

    • Thank you, Alejandra, for your comments. 

      I believe it is essential that we have fun to continue doing what we do. 

      If there is no fun it becomes work and that is not what we are looking for.

  5. Wow. I am really impressed.. I really want to appreciate your effort in putting this website together and creating this post. This is a well researched work. Now I can actually engage in some of this opportunities to make extra income. I will show this to my sister I am sure she will be interested.. I am already into affiliate marketing and I think it is one easy way to make side income online. Thank you for the post

    • Hello Benny and thank you for your comments.

      I wish that everything you do is done with pleasure, it is easier to reach our goals that way.

  6. Hello, Thanks for helping us to select a right online job at home. I tried many earlier but I recently join wealthy affiliate and find very useful for building my affiliate business. Here I find the awesome training also. Its community support is also awesome. I ask one question and instantly get reply. Its support system is awesome. My started my business online by using jaxxy tool. What you think about my choice?

    Thank you


    • Thank you for your comment Parveen. I find that your choices are very relevant and that if you choose Wealthy Affiliate and follow their teaching you will succeed.

      Good luck to you.

  7. Hello there, thank you for sharing these online jobs… All of these ideas a cool. But just like you, my favourite is Affiliate Marketing. So I will set up my website very soon to get started. I have seen so many people making a full time living with Affiliate Marketing.

    Hmmm… Wealthy Affiliate is a no brainer way to get started ASAP! Afterall it’s free to register.

    I celebrate you!

    • Thank you Mr. Biizy for your comments.

      It’s time to take action and get started with what you’ve learned with Wealthy Affiliate.

      If it is not done yet, it is time to act.

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