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This article is for you if you are a blogger a content marketer or if you just write articles.

Distributing content is much easier with an excellent writing platform.

I want to introduce you to the tool I always used to create content.

It is called SITE CONTENT and it is the ultimate writing and editing platform.

Wealthy Affiliate Content Writing

Writing is difficult and I need all the help I can get! This is why I use SITE CONTENT, it makes writing easier and more pleasant.

The content of the site has many useful features, which makes writing a process much more user-friendly.

An efficient writing platform, it simplifies creating documents in an organized manner.

SiteContent is a helpful tool for creating site content for Google’s SEO rankings because there is an algorithm that checks for authentic creation and prevents plagiarism.

There are many features in SiteContent and this version is just the tip of the iceberg.

Using SiteContent for a post or a page in WordPress will speed up the process and streamline writing content for your website.

Wealthy Affiliate Site Content

As you can see below, the content of the site records your statistics and writing goals.

Wealthy Affiliate Stats and Goals

You can set your word count and article posting goals, and you can do so for the goals you set daily, weekly, and monthly.

Check your statistics “anytime” to see how close you are to accomplishing your goals for all of these numbers.

The content of the site also records the number of your articles indexed in Google, which is quite exciting.

Wealthy Affiliate Google Indexed

In Site Content, you can find free images for your website, which are automatically optimized for WordPress.


Wealthy Affiliate Site Content Images

You can use the spelling and grammar tools.


Although I already use a proofreader for grammar and spelling errors, the Site Content tool sometimes detects errors missed by my proofreader.


Wealthy bAffiliate Site Content Grammar checking

Site Content checks if the content is unique.

If you use SiteContent for writing, it stores revisions and you can click one of them.

It also records very quickly what is good but always try to make a habit of saving what you write frequently, just click on the “save” button.

Did you make a mistake? Then hit the (autosaved) button on the right-hand side at the bottom and there is the last autosaved copy made before your error.

Wealthy Affiliate Spell check

You can also set goals for the number of words, paragraphs, and headings for your article as you see in the image just above.

As you write it tells you in % where you are versus your goals.


When you click on the “publish” button you will be asked if you are creating a “post” or “page”.

We will ask you to “choose a user”.

You will also be asked if you keep the indicated “Permalink” or if you change it.

Finally, you can press the “Publish” button

Wealthy Affiliate Publish Button

If you know the WordPress editor, the SiteContent editor should be familiar to you.

Here are the formatting tools you can find in the SiteContent editor:

-Heading (H1, H2, H3)

-Font formatting (bold, italic and underline)

-Right alignment

-Text hyperlink

List of numbers and bullets

-Add an image

-Grammar and spell check

Wealthy Affiliate Editor

Wealthy Affiliate Pros and Cons



-All-in-one publishing

You can quickly create high-quality content, all from a single platform, without ever having to leave the site and risk being distracted.

-Spelling and grammar check.

While all word processing tools have spelling and grammar checking, the one inside SiteContent gives suggestions based not only on common English grammar and spelling rules but also on common use.

-Integration of image search.

You can quickly find great images by simply clicking a button and typing in a keyword.

You don’t have to worry about whether the image you want to use is copyright protected.

-Custom-made models.

When you find yourself writing the same style over and over, you can take advantage of creating templates to really cut your production time.

-Specialty tool.

Before your new message hits your website, SiteContent makes sure it responds to the specialty needed to be indexed in the search engines.

-Search Engine Indexing Reports.

If you publish your messages through SiteContent, it will send you an email when it detects that your message has been indexed by Google.



The buckets’ system is great for keeping your content organized, it only goes to one level. It would be nice to see the buckets’ allow subcategories within your larger categories.


Wealthy Affiliate Membership

You have to register and it’s FREE! Your name and email, that’s it! You will not be asked for a credit card.

To thank you for registering you will receive 1 website for FREE and instructions for setting him up.

You can remain a Starter member for 6 months completely FREE with the benefits of a Starter member.

If you decide to become a Premium member with all the advantages of a Premium member, your first month will be billed $19 and the subsequent months $49.

If you pay annually you will save more than 18% and it will cost you the equivalent of $49 per month.

The best reason to give it a try is the fact that it’s included with your Wealthy Affiliate membership and you will get a free .com Domain.

Included web hosting, live support, and some of the best training available online.

SiteContent tool is just a reason that you should check out Wealthy Affiliate.

So go ahead and get started with Wealthy Affiliate. I will wait to welcome you on the other side as soon as you become a member.


If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about the Wealthy Affiliate offer, drop me a line and I will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.

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