Things To Do At Home During Coronavirus (Start Your Own Business)

Millions of people are currently looking for things to do at home during coronavirus and find a legitimate income opportunity. As a Wealthy Affiliate member, I know the perfect product recommended to start your own business.


Over the next few weeks, each Wealthy Affiliate member will come up with new ideas for reaching new audiences, some Wealthy Affiliatedirectly in your own circle of family and friends, as well as in your communities.

As a STARTER or PREMIUM member, you will have access to all of these proposals.


  • Starter Member $ 0 for up to 6 months.
  • Premium member first month $19
  • Premium annual member comes to $49 per month. 


Have you made calls with family, friends, and former colleagues?

Invite them to share the Wealthy Affiliate offer and demonstrate how it can help them.

Here is a short presentation to explain what Wealthy Affiliate is, and how it can help you get started with a solid plan to replace lost income.


What makes companies a pyramid scheme?

Pyramid schemes generally occur in a multi-level marketing business, where people are mainly paid to recruit people, and these recruits continue to recruit more, while the actual product sold does not produce any real results.

While the business is saturated in the market, people who join MLM end up simply losing money because recruiting has become exponentially more difficult and the product is somehow a fake.

Now, Wealthy Affiliate is not a tiered commission structure like a traditional MLM, it offers commission (affiliate) opportunities, and because the training focuses a lot on dated affiliate marketing tactics like the creation of Facebook pages and comments on other publications, what ends up happening is that the best opportunity in WA is to turn around and promote WA.

It gets a bit spiky because the people who benefit most from this structure are simply the course creators, and of course, they want everyone in Wealthy Affiliate to promote Wealthy Affiliate.

Some difficult questions.Wealthy Affiliate Scam Alert

-WA has been around for a while …

-Why is there no high-level SEO training?

-Why is there no training on backlinking? It is impossible to rank in Google today without backlinks. And these are just facts.

When the best opportunity to make money from the program is to promote the program itself, it becomes closer and closer to a simple referral / recruiting business like an MLM.

Fortunately, it is easy to cancel your membership.

In no way are you obliged to promote Wealthy Affiliate. Your niche may be in whatever field you choose. It is entirely your choice.

Wealthy Affiliate Pricing Plans

Starter Membership: free membership for 6 months.

Premium subscription (paid monthly): $ 49 per month. And if you join the premium subscription during the first week of membership as a Starter member, you will benefit from a 60% discount on the first month and pay only $ 19, and after the first month, you will pay $ 49 per month.


Premium subscription (paid annually): $ 495 per year. (You save $93)

Click here to get started with free membership without a credit card! 100% risk-free!

You can switch to an annual membership at any time, and you will benefit from the massive reduction and pay only $ 495 per year, instead of paying a total of $ 588 through monthly fees over a 12-month period! By becoming an annual Premium member you receive a free .com Domain worth $ 14.

It is paying a dollar thirty-five a day in exchange for access to such an extensive training program, equipped with all the tools you need to create a real online business that generates income.

Here’s a comparison between the two plans at Wealthy Affiliate:

Remember that premium hosting from 10 websites alone is worth the membership fee! Not to mention access to the best keyword research tool for affiliate marketers, Jaaxy, and many other tools that you will have to pay for with other platforms.

Support at Wealthy Affiliate

In general, the training is presented in a way that is easy to follow and understand, and the members’ area is easy to browse and search for resources or answers to questions you have.Wealthy Affiliate Free Support

It’s hard to imagine that in a community of around 2 million members’, you have the ability to directly contact the founders of the community.

But that’s what’s going on at Wealthy Affiliate, the founders are daily involved in creating training tutorials, answering questions and comments about the lessons, and even you can send them direct messages.

Even if they are busy, the large community of affiliate marketing experts will help you by answering your questions and will freely and willingly share with you their advice to improve your business every day!

There is a kind of positive atmosphere that you will feel when you enter the platform which is not easy to find elsewhere.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a fraud?

Wealthy Affiliate is not a fraud. Wealthy Affiliate is a legal platform that provides you with complete and detailed training, in addition to a set of advanced tools that you will need to build and manage your online business


Do I propose it?

Completely! It will show you how to create automated revenue on the web, and for the most part, through Affiliate Marketing.

If you are looking for some kind of get-rich-quick scam that will make you rich tonight, then you can go back and keep looking for this thing. There are many scammers all over the net looking to make money from you.

I am convinced that if you decide to get started and to succeed in this adventure by fully involving yourself, you will know the success that hundreds of people achieve.

As always if you have any questions, suggestions, or comments you can reach me by sending me your comments below and I will be happy to respond as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading my article.

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