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Thank you for dropping by to read my post on what is Li-Fi. New in technology this product may change the way you are using the Internet in the coming years.

Li-Fi is the wireless communication technology that uses light to transmit data and position between devices. Light Fidelity is based on the use of visible light.

The transmission is made possible by LED bulbs that are semiconductor devices and the brightness of the light flowing through them can be changed at extremely high speeds.

LED (Light-Emitting Diode)

Led Light

In 2014, three Japanese researchers, Shuji Nakamura, Isamu Akasaki, and Hiroshi Amano received the Nobel Prize in physics for the first blue LED with high-brightness output.


How does Li-Fi worksIt offers geolocation services much more accurate than GPS while not using satellites. Li-Fi could turn all existing lamps into a satellite without additional infrastructure because the one it will use was created last century.

Throughout the world as a public service, governments provide lighting in cities. The cost of these lighting has never been questioned, even to save, a government does not cut public lighting.

Therefore, the necessary infrastructure to put the Li-Fi within everyone’s reach already exists and is depreciated. That’s why Li-Fi will start by meeting the needs of people not served by Wi-Fi and cellular technologies.

Today the most obvious lack of Wi-Fi connectivity is that it stops when you go underground and the GPS does not work either. Li-Fi works as long as there is light.

Each lamp in a tunnel or a mine and on each helmet can be equipped with Li-Fi. It is no surprise that Chile is the first country to adopt Li-Fi technology after all the tragedies in its mines.


New York

The majority of public lighting infrastructure belongs to cities. Li-Fi gives cities a chance to revitalize neighborhoods and rethink ways to engage and even inspire people and include them in the decision-making process.


Paris Metro


                   THE SYSTEM HAS BEEN TESTED

One city can begin to offer Li-Fi in the underground subway, Paris.

Paris with 250 stations is the first city to begin the installation of Li-Fi.

Paris has shown that it is possible to guide a non-initiated (a tourist for example) or a blind person in the maze of corridors and elevators of the metro.

To find a toilet without asking for directions and even getting into an elevator.

There are 160 subways in the world. It is to be expected that 10% of the subways of the world will follow the example of Paris.

Cities could play a decisive role in offering their inhabitants a new way of being online.

This means that if there was an accident in a mine or a terrorist attack in the metro or the bursting of a tire in a tunnel under a mountain we could send help because communications would not be completely impossible.

If there is a light we can communicate.



HospitalIn Perpignan’s Hospital Center in France, the Wi-Fi is replaced by the Li-Fi. Thanks to this technology the connection is established not only wirelessly but without radio waves.


By adopting this system the hospital also realizes huge energy savings. They had 700 active routers each consumed the equivalent of 3 lights of 60W switched on 24 hours a day. Today all their lamps are LED their consumption is reduced by at least 50% and they also provide communications.

Li-Fi has positive effects on health, privacy, transparency, and the effectiveness of one of the most suitable places; the hospital, where we spend some of the most vulnerable moments of our lives.




For 25 years the Internet has played a leading role in the economy. Today a new fusion seems inevitable; light and the Internet.

Access to the Internet requires an infrastructure made of satellites, antennas, cables, especially submarine cables, wires, routers, and servers. These are expensive equipment for emerging countries.



As we have seen Li-Fi can be installed without heavy investments. If 50% of the world’s population does not have an Internet infrastructure worthy of the name, 90% are equipped with a lighting infrastructure.

The beauty of Li-Fi is that it brings connectivity wherever there is light. The light may be a single light bulb on a village square connected to a copper wire that distributes energy to ten houses.


Electric carsEvery year cars kill more than a million people on our roads and these deaths are mainly caused by human error.

That’s why mobile robots – autonomous cars – could make the world a lot safer.

No technology can be perfectly foolproof, but technology will have no trouble making fewer mistakes than humans.


Professor Shuji Nakamura who invented the led evokes the possibility of accompanying LEDs already present in the cars of a new version of laser LEDs that sound the road up to 700 meters in front of the vehicle.


There is no doubt that this technology will benefit those who are out of the network, the blind in our western societies, orphans in Africa, schools without electricity, and the Internet in Latin America.

For this reason, we need an exceptional generation of social entrepreneurs who share the common good. In addition, Li-Fi has the potential to change the course of big data.

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  1. Wow! I had never even heard of Li-Fi prior to reading this article. This sounds simply amazing. I’m thinking it could open many, many doors around the world. I thought it was interesting that Paris has tried this out on their subways. I would think that this would’ve really taken off by now, even though it would take a large investment. Thank you for opening my eyes to this new technology!

    • I read that it was not that expensive because the infrastructure is already there. 

      For the 250 metro stations in Paris it seems that it cost 25 million euros, which seems very acceptable according to specialists for a city such as Paris.

      1.5 million people use the metro every day. If you want more details you can read Gunter Pauli’s book  Li-Fi available at Amazon as well I think in major bookstores.

  2. I am not a tech person but I check out the nice up to date techs that are available on the market and i hadn’t seen a Li Fi anywhere. How can something so lit and convenient hide from the scenes? According to what you say, every one should have a piece. I read about the test they made at the hospital in France and I think It is cost efficient and reliable.

    Thanks for the update, I will visit your site always fro these kinds of new tech.

  3. I am really impressed with the level at which technology is growing in our modern day society. I must confess this Li-Fi is indeed a nice innovation I would love to try out. Considering the fact that this technology can be used to help those who are living in hard situations is something really wonderful. Thanks for this wonderful information. 

    • Hi Chloe. Thank you for your comments. I hope this technology is available to us as soon as possible.

  4. Great and very educating article I would say. I have heard something about li-fi in the school but learned more,
    thanks to your informative article. I’m pretty sure that Li-Fi will be the next form of wireless internet and very widely used, much sooner than most of us could even imagine. Your articles are very thorough and helpful, time after time. I will check if there is still something I havent read yet :)!

    • If you want more information you can get Gunter Pauli’s book Li-FI by Kamp Books on Amazon or probably in any library. I took my informations in this book.

  5. Such an Amazing and informative review. Technology is really improving in out present world and there are lots of innovations that are not just helpful to man but to the society as large that are been created,and this is a great phenomena in our generation. Reading about this Li-Fi which I haven’t seen before is an assurance that there are greater innovations coming ahead and it is interesting to know that the ability of bulbs are gradually diversifying. Thanks for this enlightening and educative article.

    • It’s my pleasure, Willy. In the coming years, technology will continue to surprise us with amazing advances.

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