What Is Sharing?-The Revolution Of Sharing

I would like to talk to you about what is sharing and about Alexandre Mars transforming himself from entrepreneur to Make this world betterphilanthropist and the founder of the Epic movement to help the poorest on the planet.

Because 1 billion people in the world live with less than two dollars per day Alexandre Mars is traveling the world asking the most fortunate two questions!



Most of the answers were YES to the first question.


To his surprise, the second answer was NO.

The reasons being, I do not trust, I do not know who to turn to and I don’t have the time to search.

Around the world from the United States to France to China, he met a great number of passionate people ready to make the world a better place to be but not being sure how to do it.

They were sure that there was a better way other than volunteerism and signing a blank check to give their money. Mars began Epic, a foundation where you can donate directly to meticulously investigate charities and see their impact in real-time.

At Epic, they challenged themselves, calculated the intangible, and they created a movement. Changing the world involves changing the system, the model, the way of thinking. They will succeed when their project is scaled up and when the donation will be the norm.


100% of the donations are spent on those who need it. The organization targeted received all the fund and Epic is financing his activities through the founder’s personal investment fund. (See blisce.com )


The right timing is to act a fraction of a second before others and choose the precise moment when your idea is ready to be applied.

To help people cope with the challenges of introducing social change Epic has decided to use the three P formula for its operation

  1. Problem. You must define exactly what you are trying to solve.
  2. Power. Epic is five interrelated powers.
  • The power of money.
  • The power of communications.
  • The power of networks.
  • The power of knowledge.
  • The power of innovation.

3. Platform. You need to create a way to deliver the solution to get where you are going. At Epic, their fundamental platform is clear; they believe they can solve the problem of injustice by charitable donation.


Technological disruption worries us, after computers and robotics, artificial intelligence is pointing its nose. They predict that by 2025, 50% of today’s jobs will no longer exist.

Less visible but more transformative is social disruption, it is said that by 2025 half of the current jobs will no longer exist! Social disruption could lead to a revolution whose magnitude we do not know.

Our only way of salvation is a better distribution of what we have. SHARING!



We have many reasons not to trust anything but today some people still build their lives on trust. You must trust the people that are close to you.

We must have confidence in the civil society that knows how to behave in an adult way if we help it to structure itself. We need to trust companies and governments where great people work.

They are essential to the good functioning of the world.

Without being candid or naive we all know that trusting can be risky but if we want to progress in life we have to trust. Without confidence, we do not realize anything.


We all know that it is not well to judge. Clothes do not make the man. No matter your donation today if you are comfortable with the amount you give it’s all that matters, don’t let anybody judge your charitable donations.

Do not hesitate to say that you give, not to gain some glory but to add value to this gift and serve as an example. May it make others want to imitate you.


How much do we have to give? This question is asked every day. For most people, the donation must be painless because it is supposed to be joyous and bring happiness to the person giving.

It should not be perceived as a sacrifice, a privation, a bitterness. In no way should we give what we see as what is needed for our comfort.

Always give the surplus, the dispensable that you have so that you hardly feel the effort you make to help others. Giving develops one of its greatest virtues, you feel good and promote the construction of a positive image, source of self-confidence, and optimism in the future.


  1. Strategic giving is the occasion to know where your money goes, how it is used, and what kind of social impact it has.
  2. Payroll giving is a unique occasion for employees to engage and intensify their social impact with their corporation.
  3. Transaction giving, every time a customer purchase something he has the flexibility to make a donation.
  4. Sharing Pledge, entrepreneurs embed social good into their startup that goes to the Epic portfolio organizations of their choice.


Not everyone can give money. There are other ways to promote social change. Everyone can make a contribution. Everyone can contribute to their skills.

Perhaps you are very good at explaining difficult notions? Why not find a school that needs a tutor. Or maybe you are an artist? A non-profit organization can certainly use your talents.

Everyone has the ability to contribute. Just find the way that sets you apart.


Why give?

  • To change the world.
  • To fight inequalities and social injustices.
  • To feel good.
  • To be part of a community, a movement in progression.
  • To pave the way for economic growth.
  • This is the only way to avoid or delay the revolution that rages on our old paradigms.


PURPOSE is the new currency!

Your generation millennial is different from all other generations. You are the generation ” WE ” the generation that wants to share.

You want to do good. You are the most engaged generation since the 60s and your slogan is; Purpose is the new currency! You do not give, you build partnerships.

You do not do charity you put yourself next to each other to move forward with him. Because of you, the dollar and other currencies are obsolete. PURPOSE is the new currency!

If you would like to learn more about Epic please visit their site https://epic.foundation/

If you would like to read the book ”Giving” by the founder Alexandre Mars you can find it here.


Wealthy Affiliate Image

Why am I talking about Epic?

I think it’s a genuine foundation that really wants to change things and help the poor in our world to get through it once and for all.

A few months ago I partnered with Wealthy Affiliate who teaches me how to build a website that will eventually be profitable. My intention is to share a portion of the income from my website with Epic.

If you have questions or comments that you would like to discuss please send me your comments below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading my post.

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  1. How inspiring. This is a problem I’ve faces for a while, giving. Mostly this problem is because I find it hard to trust. I don’t know if who or the organisation I’m giving to will really use the money or the donation to better people’s lives or just spend it for themselves. I think this giving solutions you have given are great. I can do the transaction giving. Epic looks like a good charity organisation and I’ll definitely check it out.

  2. Thank you for this post.  I was unaware of Epic until I read it.

    The true problem for me, besides being in debt and trying to climb out before donating to others, is it’s hard to tell who’s legitimate and who’s skimming most of the money off the top before it ever gets to the people that actually need it.

    Wasn’t it Wounded Warriors or one similar that got into a bunch of hot water over spending insane sums of money on their gatherings and internally rather than those that needed it?

    I totally get the whole other ways to contribute option and I try to where I can.  Still, I fear it’s not enough.

    I’m going to look further into Epic now and see if it might be the right fit for me.

    Thanks again,


  3. This is a very very interesting article.  it grabbed my attention from start to finish.  Your writing is clear and concise and I feel an honesty in your article.  I am exceptionally skeptical about Charities, but you have convinced me regarding EPIC;  The layout of your page is great.  I would possibly add one or two more images lower down in your post (but that is a personal preference).  I thoroughly enjoyed your article

  4. Hi,  I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. Sharing is very important because if we don’t share we will not be happy. I see many millionaires spending their money on luxury cars and houses instead of helping poor people and giving to charities. Thank you for sharing this story, I hope it will motivate people to start sharing because sharing is caring.

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